Wall Street Mastermind Sam Shiah Review

Do you want to get a six-figure salary?

Thanks for clicking on my Wall Street Mastermind review. Wall Street Mastermind is a preparation program that helps aspiring investment bankers to improve in any area that is keeping them from acing interviews and getting an offer right after. Sam, the founder of Wall Street Mastermind, is a professional investment banker with years of experience and tons of insightful knowledge on how the industry works.

Who is WallSt Mastermind program suitable for?

Wall Street Mastermind will open up the doors of investment banking to those who want to complement their educational background and get an offer right after their investment banking

interview. Freshers and even people with experience in similar industries can use Sam’s help to work on their individual weaknesses and boost their performance as a candidate.

Even people that have tried different mentoring services prefer Wall Street Mastermind since you get undivided attention from Sam and an individual strategy depending on your needs.

  • If you need help with technical questions, he will thoroughly explain everything you need to know with patience until you get physical mastering of such concepts.

  • If you’ve tried different services before with no results, Sam will work on the specific aspects that are refraining you from getting a job position in any firm.

  • If you’ve gone to several investment banking interviews and left empty-handed, he will give you the resources you need to become that 1% that gets all the offers.

What will you get when you sign up to this program by Sam Shiah?

  • 1-on-1 check-in calls: these are exclusive calls with Sam. He’ll review your performance on interviews and give you tips on how to improve your delivery. He will also teach you the fundamental concepts to ace technical questions, and much more.

  • Weekly group coaching sessions. These are weekly Facebook Live group coaching calls. You’ll get the chance to ask questions about recruiting, networking, and interviewing while getting more insight from Sam through other people’s queries.

  • The perfect application. Sam will review and work with you on your resume, Linkedin profile, and cover letters for free. As you gain more experience through different extracurricular activities, he’ll help you update your resume and give you unlimited revisions.

  • The perfect networking scripts. Drafting cold/thank-you emails or calls will always be complicated. Sam helps you write and perfect your networking efforts, avoiding silly mistakes that could jeopardize your networking opportunities.

  • Private Inner Wolf Pack VIP Facebook Group. This private Facebook Group will give you the chance to connect with like-minded people that have found success thanks to Sam’s mentoring. This will allow you to grow your network and get better job opportunities through the connections you make in WallStreet Mastermind’s Wolf Pack.

  • Interview Mastery. You won’t have to memorize thousands of answers after signing up to WallStreet Mastermind. You will get weekly lessons on the most common and challenging topics. After some lessons, you will be able to master essential concepts in a way you never thought possible. And this will make you stand out in all your interviews.

  • Live Deal Simulation Case Study. You will get to work on a live deal simulation to give you a little taste of what being a real banker feels like. The simulation will be based on a real company, and you will have to apply all the technical knowledge you’ve gathered throughout the program. Other mentoring services charge up to $500 for this type of training, but you will get it in WallStreet Mastermind’s plan for free. Plus, you can include it to your resume and impress your recruiter when they see you talk about a deal with confidence, intelligence, and, most importantly, experience.

  • Secrets to being “Top Bucket.” You will enjoy several benefits if you can become the “top bucket” analyst or associate of your firm. A few of them are getting higher year-end bonuses and having a higher chance of being recruited by the top buy-side shops.

  • Emotional Support, Mindset, And Accountability. Other programs tend to overlook these intangible things that are crucial when it comes to succeeding in investment banking. Sam will work on your limiting beliefs and build your confidence while he also asks for regular updates and makes sure you’re making progress.

Is this program for you?

Let’s see.

Are you someone who is willing to work hard, put in the effort to do what it takes to secure that investment banking job?

Then yes. This course is for you. Because you are tired of being confused about how to answer a particular question in the interview. Or maybe you think your qualifications aren’t enough and maybe that’s the banks never call you back. Or maybe it’s the vibe that you put out when you enter the room.

Trust me, you don’t want to get vague answers to those questions. You want advice that has been tested out by other people that were successful in getting an IB job.

Who would be better than someone who has already gotten a job? Who knows how things work and can hold your hand and guide you through the entire process. All you need to do, is apply what Sam teaches and you’ll get there.

I know this sounds wishy washy, but check it out. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have everything to gain. What if you get the job in the next you interview you walk into?

There’s no telling.

But, if you’re someone who wants others to do everything for you while you reap the benefits of their hardwork. Then this program is not for you.

You need to do the work yourself and get yourself ready for the interview and make sure that you are presenting your best self – for every interview.

Either way, the choice is yours. If you think you are a hardworking person who is willing to do anything it takes to achieve their dream, then this is the program for you.